About Us 👑

KingCans is a young company from the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia that is dedicated to importing sweets and drinks from the USA, Japan, Mexico and all over the world.

We share our enthusiasm for extraordinary things with our customers - and what better way to live this out than through true culinary delights? 🤤

The company includes three of Germany's most successful Twitch streamers, Rohat, AbuGoku and Breitenberg.

KingCans brings you a diverse selection of sweets from around the world, from American classics to exotic Japanese treats, directly to Germany. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that the candy in your box offers unique quality.

In our shop you can choose from a wide range of branded items worldwide and be confident that you will only find the newest and most delicious sweets in your personal box!

If you can't decide due to the extensive selection of American and Japanese sweets, our numerous candy mystery boxes offer the perfect solution for you. Whether American Classics, Japan & Asia, drinks or an XXL box - KingCans always selects the best sweets and drinks for your box, the contents of which change regularly.

Fill your candy box with the most exclusive sweets from all over the world. Choose American chips, delicious fruit gum or rare Fanta varieties brought to Germany by KingCans. No matter what you choose, your candy box will undoubtedly delight you!

Not only you, but also your friends or family will be thrilled with your candy box. That's why our candy boxes, filled with the best sweets from all over the world, are perfect as a gift for any occasion - be it a birthday, Christmas or other special moments. The ideal mix of American drinks and Japanese sweets is always a hit!

We wish you a lot of fun in the colorful world of sweets and drinks.

Your KingCans team 🫅

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